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iNaturalist created a new type of project ("collection project") that jives with our Illinois Botanists Big Year competition rules, so here we go. I made everyone who was following this project already an admin*, so feel free to use this "news"/"journal" post system to share information.

If you're not already, you can follow this project page by going to the project homepage and clicking follow in the top right corner:

Other pages:
Facebook group:

*for people who joined the app from the phone, there's a bug that won't let me add you as an admin... I informed the iNat developers and am waiting for them to fix this.

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I’m honored to be “pinged” so I’d like to remind everyone May is Lyme Disease Awareness month and we are a group at high risk for tick bites on our wildflower hunts. The CDC recommends long pants and DEET. I prefer to cover my legs in peppermint oil to repel ticks and shower as soon as I come home from a walk. Best wishes to everyone!

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P.S. Don't worry about this message you may see on your dashboard:
"Just a reminder, since you may have given project curators permissions to view the private coordinates of your observations in this project."

It's an error that they haven't fixed yet from the release of the new projects. No one should be able to see any of your obscured or private coordinates on these new project pages. Please report to if you find that's not the case.

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Is there a way to see the species list in list format here, as we could on the INPS leaderboard? The photo list takes forever to load and isn't really searchable.

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Or rather, it's kind of searchable, but it doesn't show species with only one observation.

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Yeah--sorry for removing that, I realized the leaderboard on the website was still double-counting infraspecific taxa instead of cutting off at the species level. And unfortunately the taxa tab on /observations is limited to 500 species. I think there are plans to add a taxonomic sort to that page, but the developers haven't mentioned it in a while.

The trick to get to that taxonomic view that used to be accessible from the INPS website is to do a filtered search on /observations and then add "taxa" to the URL, e.g.

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You can also try fiddling with, e.g.
Ferns observed in Illinois in 2017 vs. Ferns Observed in Illinois in 2018, check out the "15 not in common" tab for a nice hitlist.

(It is limited to 500 taxa at a time so you have to look at smaller groups of plants at a time.)

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Got it, thanks!

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