National Moth Week Reminder!

Hey fellow nature enthusiasts! This week is National Moth Week, and there is still time to gear up for an enchanting exploration of the world of moths.

National Moth Week is an incredible celebration of these often-overlooked creatures, highlighting their diversity, ecological importance, and captivating beauty. From July 22nd to July 30th, moth enthusiasts will come together to observe, photograph, and share their findings. And as members of Observation Nation, we have the perfect opportunity to contribute our moth observations to this initiative that is happening right here in Canada. Click here to join the National Moth week – Canada project on

Finding moths can be a fun experience, and there are numerous ways to participate. You can start by using lights to attract moths. Set up a light source near a white sheet or wall, and wait for the sight of moths fluttering in. Don't forget to snap some breathtaking photos to share with the community!

If you're feeling adventurous, why not venture out during the day too? Many moth species are active when the sun is shining, so keep an eye out for their fascinating patterns and behaviors. And let's not overlook the caterpillars! These moths can be found munching on leaves or crawling along branches. Spotting and documenting caterpillars contributes to our understanding of moth life cycles.

If you want to learn more about national moth week, check out our blog post .

So, grab your flashlight, camera, and curiosity, and let's make National Moth Week a resounding success! Together, we'll shine a light on the beauty and importance of moths while fostering a deeper connection with the natural world.

Happy moth-watching everyone!

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