Welcome Oracle Employees!

Our Bioblitz challenge is a new global initiative. We invite everyone to become a citizen scientists which is a wonderful way to learn about biodiversity in your local area, connect with nature and benefit research! Simply make observations of biodiversity in your local community (plants, animals, insects, fungi) and log them in iNaturalist once you've joined your region's project. We will track observations for each region - EMEA, NA, JAPAC, LAD.

The participant with the most amount of stars for their observations will be eligible to win a prize based off a quality review by regional leads.

All participants will receive badges for ARIA.

Why is Biodiversity Important?
Biodiversity, the variety of life on Earth, is essential for human well-being and the health of our planet. It provides us with food, clean water and other essential resources. It plays an important role in climate change, economic prosperity, food security and poverty reduction.
For more information about Biodiversity and how it is connected to the many aspects of society and our natural world, visit the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) website.

How to Participate
The challenge will run from 4th - 13th December 2023. During this time, log as many observations from your local area!

  1. Register for the project on Oracle Volunteering (search "Virtual:Oracle Global Biodiversity Bioblitz" in Oracle Volunteers project portal)
  2. Signup to iNaturalist and ensure you use your first and last name with an O suffix (e.g. clodagh_oneill_O)
  3. Join the Oracle Global Biodiversity Bioblitz project for your region,
  4. Start logging your observations,
  5. Engage with your cohort, adding stars to your favourite observations!
    To register your participation, its important to register on both platforms (iNaturalist and Oracle Volunteering) as this will help us confirm participation details to award badges.

More information can be found here on using iNaturalist and how to submit high quality observations.

We are excited to see what you find and learn more about what makes up the biodiversity in different regions!

For any queries please reach out to your regions leaders: APAC (Neelam Tiwari and Alan Hossack), EMEA (Loredana Balan and Daniela Recker), LAD (Cristina Garcia and Crishell Sanchez), NA (Caroline Firer and Diana Vasileva)

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