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BioBlitz 2024 is now created

While we are many months away, the Middlesex County Parks 2024 Parks for Pollinators BioBlitz has been created.

Please consider joining the project and we hope you will participate in September!

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Down to the final days of the BioBlitz!

We are coming down to the last few days. Despite the wet weather, we have had some great observations recently from @swampythings , @aprilisanapple and @geosesarma . I hope you will consider joining our Project

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Nearing the End of the Month!

Only a little more than a week left until the end of the Parks for Pollinators 2023 BioBlitz! There is still time to get out into the Middlesex County Parks to identify plants and their pollinators. A big 'thank-you' to some recent iNaturalist contributors--@nativeplantaddict , @caoraesque @sagarikalaha , @keerthanakrishnapradeep and @thomashalpin , @avalerio121 . Please consider joining our Project!

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Busy weekend!

It was a busy holiday weekend for the Parks for Pollinators 2023 - Middlesex County Parks BioBlitz Project! Over 250 observations. A big thank you to @advaithvemireddy, @krutharthvaddiyar , @anvikachalia , @niranjanmohanraj ,@nidhipakanati , @gauravkakarla , @charliexiang, @robertcorriveau and @sanjaysenthil for your contributions. Please consider joining our 2023 BioBlitz. It looks like the Plainsboro Preserve is going to be tough to beat!

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First Observation!

The first observation for our project occurred bright and early this morning! Thank you @nbjersey for your monarch caterpillar at Johnson Park. Please consider joining our project to support Parks for Pollinators.

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