Syrphini - Southeastern USA

@upupa-epops and I are excited to share this guide to common Syrphini of the Southeastern USA! Questions, suggestions, and other reactions are appreciated.

To help improve identifications using this guide:,12,18,28,36,27,45,37,19,30,43,23,21

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I know this may be of interest to you @aispinsects @treegrow @sambiology @cgritz @laurenjansensimpson

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Absolutely! Thanks!

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Eupeodes in Tampa

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Well done!

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Even, again, seriously good job! :) Sharing this with other folks as well!

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Just in time for the 2020 field season!

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Identify link added above for those interested in using this guide to clean up their own/others observations.

發佈由 edanko 約 4 年 前

Thanks for sharing this, nice concise summary of characteristics. Really appreciate it!

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Awesome! Thank you for sharing!!!

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Good stuff! Appreciate the time and effort that went into this!

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I'm assuming y'all will enjoy this new interface now including common species for all the southeastern Syrphid tribes.

Please let me know if you find any errors, I'm sure there are a few left.

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