ID Guide for Higher-level Diptera Groups

I'm excited to share this guide to major groups of Diptera! Questions, suggestions, and other reactions are appreciated. Please let me know if you find any oversights.

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Let's get to work on all the unidentified Diptera! There are links to 'Identify' pages on the first slide above.

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Great work @edanko, this is very useful!

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Nice! I've got Nematocera down, but I definitely need to work on my other groups.

Would it be possible to add thumbnails of example images of each taxa on slide 4? I'm trying to order the hierarchy in my head and it helps to see the images arranged visually.

Also, tagging @raycama and @elytrid if either of you are curious about more Diptera fun, check out this and other journal posts by Even.

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Will there be a quiz???
Seriously this is neat. Thanks for putting it together.

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PS: is it useful at all to you if we separate Nematocera from Brachycera?
Most of the time, it is all I can do.

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Awesome, thanks! I'm a visual learner so this helps a lot!

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@raycama if you find that enjoyable, go for it! (you might learn something by keeping track of subsequent IDs?)

Mostly though, this guide isn't meant to function on its own: if it lets you narrow it down to 1 or 2 main groups, I have some follow-up guides for family ID in prep.

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@malisaspring I've added antennae to slide 4 -- is that helpful? :)

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Yes, thanks!

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I do -I do learn a lot by doing broad IDs and watching them unfold subsequently. Although gnats and midges are... challenging.

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Nice work... maybe I'll finally begin to learn some things. Always better at finding things than ID'ing them!

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Great work @edanko, congratulation...!

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It seems really useful to my works

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In case any of you missed it, world-wide family guides to the rest of Diptera are now posted at

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