tiptoeing towards the exit

If you've known me awhile, you might have noticed my usage drop precipitously. Well, it's this here. I have only so many years of good health left, and I want to use them running around a lot and not sitting in front of a computer. My eyesight has always been crappy, and screentime makes it worse. So for those two reasons, I'm continuing down the Path of Unplugged Enlightenment.
That said, arthropods and plants still excite me, and I'll continue to post, but casually. On my terms.

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Sorry to see you tiptoeing away! Enjoy your new found freedom! Keep us posted on anything unusual that you find, just a photo now and then.

發佈由 craigmartin 8 個月 前

Thanks for sharing. I have learned much from you! It will still be a great pleasure to see glimpses of what you find.

發佈由 wagonwheelfelloe 8 個月 前

I’ve always enjoyed your posts and appreciated your identifications and comments. Best wishes on your unplugged future.

發佈由 brandtmagic 8 個月 前

Y'all are so kind. Happy to have "met" such interesting people on this site!

發佈由 ellen5 8 個月 前

Good for you. More of us need to follow your lead just as we did responding to your comments and suggestions as to our observations:-) Always giving and doing more sometimes results in less time spend doing what you like, and I am glad you select the do more for you button. It's all been interesting and enlightening to me,, thanks to you, whether that's clear to you or not. Jot us a few notes on your album about your most amazing encounters out there in New Mexico or wherever you find yourself getting closer and closer to your subject. Thanks for your help through the years here on iNat.

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