Cicadas at the Staten Island Museum

Similar to what I did at Cornell*, on 4/29/2022 I was able to photograph many (but nowhere near all) of the identified North American Cicadid specimens in the William T. Davis collection at the Staten Island Museum. I prioritized uploading photos of species that have 5 or fewer observations on iNaturalist. See below for the full list.

Carineta postica -
Carineta trivittata -
Herrera lugubrina compostelensis -
Herrera lugubrina lugubrina -
Cicadettana camerona -

Cacama californica
Cacama carbonaria -
Cacama furcata -
Cacama maura -
Diceroprocta alacris campechensis -
Diceroprocta albomaculata -
Diceroprocta arizona -
Diceroprocta bibbyi -
Diceroprocta bicosta -
Diceroprocta bulgara -
Diceroprocta caymanensis -
Diceroprocta cleavesi -
Diceroprocta fusipennis -
Diceroprocta lata -
Diceroprocta obscurior -
Diceroprocta ornea -
Diceroprocta ovata -
Diceroprocta pinosensis -
Hadoa hidalgoensis -
Hadoa sugdeni -
Neotibicen bermudianus -

Dorisiana amoena -
Dorisiana compostela -
Dorisiana viridis -
Fidicina mannifera
Fidicinoides determinata -
Fidicinoides picea -
Fidicinoides pronoe
Guyalna panamaensis
Hemisciera maculipennis
Ollanta mexicana -
Proarna germari -

Neocicada mediamexicana -

Chinaria mexicana -
Chinaria similis -
Daza nayaritensis -
Dyticodopoea signoreti -
Juanaria poeyi -
Odopoea cariboea
Odopoea dilatata -
Odopoea suffusa -
Uhleroides cubensis -
Uhleroides hispaniolae -
Uhleroides sagrae -
Uhleroides samanae -
Uhleroides walkerii -

Clidophleps distanti truncata -
Okanagodes gracilis gracilis -
Okanagodes gracilis viridis -
Okanagana arboraria -
Okanagana ferrugomaculata -
Okanagana ornata
Okanagana rimosa ohioensis -
Okanagana yakimaensis -
Platypedia affinis -
Platypedia falcata -
Platypedia mohavensis mohavensis -
Platypedia putnami keddiensis -
Platypedia putnami occidentalis -
Platypedia scotti -

I would be happy to upload any of the other photos upon request.
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Excellent work @humanbyweight ! I've heard allegations that Arizona State University might have the largest cicada collection in the U.S. Have you seen their collection?

發佈由 cicadamania 約 2 年 前

@cicadamania that would be very cool, but I don't have the means to travel outside the northeast any time soon.

發佈由 humanbyweight 約 2 年 前

Neato! What about your Smithsonian or "cicada Central" at UConn?

發佈由 ozzicada 約 2 年 前

We'll see!

發佈由 humanbyweight 約 2 年 前

Awesome, Chris!

發佈由 zdanko 約 2 年 前

Great job as always! O. yaimaensis and O. rimosa ohioenssis are exceptional. The former is likely extinct sadly.

發佈由 willc-t 約 2 年 前

Cool! Thanks again for sharing this :)

發佈由 weecorbie 約 2 年 前

Thanks for sharing! This is quite helpful!

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