Notes for those who edit taxon photos (copy-paste free)

Anyone on Inat can edit taxon photos, but despite that, many taxon pages are using only one blurry photo or mis-identified photos as icons.

・First of all, please only edit taxon photos when you can identify (all the members of) the taxon. This will prevent wrongly identified photos to be used. If you were not very sure but have found a wrong photo, you can mention or message identifiers of the taxon.

・Taxon photos can be edited from the "Curation" button on the right bottom of a taxon page, even if you are not a curator.

・For taxonomic levels higher than species, 8 photos can be shown on the page at the same time, but still , only the first photo will be used as an icon.

・For species or lower taxonomic level, one photo will be shown as the main/icon and four other photos will be shown but smaller. Usually only one photo does not tell enough about a species but still many taxons have only one.

How to choose photos to use
・Make sure to include
(1) as many angles of as many variations as possible.
(2) at least one photo with an indication of size (e.g. scale bar, ruler, hand, foot etc).
(3) as many life stages as possible. For example, most insect taxa pages are missing photos of juvenile, pupa and egg stages
(4) one or two shots showing the habitat of the species can be often very helpful
(5) if people keeps on wrongly identifying the species from out of its distribution, add a picture of its distribution (be sure that it is copyright free), but this is not always recommended.

・Do not include photos of different species in icons for comparison purpose unless you make it obvious that it is a different species, because this will only confuse others.

・When you know a specific observation which you think is worth changing the icon to it, you can search the observation number to find those photos. For example, the italic part of the link is its observation number.
However please never change the icon just because you want your photos to be representing the taxa, unless it represents the taxa more than any other photos existing.

Anyone who purposely play with icons can be reported by flag and they can be banned after discussed with curators.

For your information, I mainly edit taxa photos of worldwide molluscs, taxa from New Zealand and Japan.

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Thank you for the information. I believe that the system should not accept any blurry or pixelated photos. Since it relies on photos for proof and identifications they should not accept anything that is not clear. Personally I will never id anything from a blurry photo.

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I would also argue that for certain groups photos of terminalia can be extremely useful if selected (especially with Panorpa where that is the main method of ID).

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Thanks for the info!
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