Fiji Reef Fish

After more than four years of work, I am happy to announce my book is finally being published.

Fiji Reef Fish is a field guide includes all of the species likely to be encountered by scuba divers and snorkelers exploring Fiji's reefs. It includes 866 species from 92 families, with over 1,200 photos. Each form is shown of fishes where males and females, initial phase and terminal phase look different. Fishes are shown in taxonomic order, the way naturalists and scientists expect them to be listed. When a species is likely to be confused with another, the differences are pointed out. All photos are of unrestrained live wild fish in their natural habitats.

Available now for pre-order on at
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發佈由 danabrown 超過 5 年 前

Congratulations @maractwin ! I look forward to reading it

發佈由 martyhing 超過 5 年 前

Congratulations! Looking forward to adding it to my library!

發佈由 desertnaturalist 超過 5 年 前

Wow, great! I want to see the book.

發佈由 sarka 超過 5 年 前

Looks like I have to finally sign up to Amazon! @markmcg

發佈由 sascha_schulz 超過 5 年 前

Alright! Congrats. I'll buy a copy and make sure that the Australian Museum orders on for the library.

發佈由 markmcg 超過 5 年 前

Congratulations @maractwin. Sounds like an awesome book and I’ll definitely get a copy before I head to Fiji. It’s high on my bucket list. My passion is Nudibranchs. Are there certain islands in Fiji where the nudis are more prolific than others than you can recommend?


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發佈由 blubayou 超過 5 年 前

Of the places I visit regularly, I'd say that Namena probably has the most nudis. Though they can be found anywhere.

發佈由 maractwin 超過 5 年 前

Congratulations! If I ever go to Fiji, I'll definitely use your guide.

發佈由 wendy5 超過 5 年 前

Are you planning to come out with an eBook version too?

發佈由 okiedivenut 超過 5 年 前

I hope to eventually have an electronic version, but it will probably take a while. Field guides don't work as regular eBooks, so it's not straightforward to convert them.

發佈由 maractwin 超過 5 年 前

I am so looking forward to getting a copy. Although there are some general field guides to the region it will be terrific to have a definitive guide to a lovely dive location.

發佈由 ecosse28 超過 5 年 前

Congratulations Mark !!!
I hope your book (which looks wonderful!) Is very successful !!

發佈由 alessandradalia 超過 5 年 前

Congrats Mark. Excellent stuff - just forwarded the links to my conservation colleagues to ensure that they are aware of its existence.

發佈由 obinfiji 超過 5 年 前

I have learned that there is a better way than Amazon or BookBaby to order this from Fiji, or any country without an Amazon presence. BookDepository has free international shipping. So use

發佈由 maractwin 超過 5 年 前

What an achievement! Congratulations!

發佈由 lisa_bennett 超過 5 年 前

Congratulations on publication!

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