I joined iNaturalist in 2017. I still have a lot of stuff from 2019 to post but it's definitely been a great year! Highlights were a trip to Algonquin Park in February and a trip to Florida in December. From my stats I got more species in 2017 thanks to a summer job but I had a lot of cool experiences in 2019, and maybe 2019 will catch up with the backlog. I also passed 3000 observations and 1000 species last year!

Target species:

Right now I'm especially interested in getting more into plants and underwater animals.

My photos on eBird: https://ebird.org/media/canada/catalog?mediaType=p&sort=obs_date_desc&searchField=user&userId=USER350975

Thank you to everyone for such a great community!

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Congratulations! -- Barbara (sedgequeen)

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Excellent stuff, Caleb! :)

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