Julida Millipedes of Ontario and nearby areas with links to resources

yet another work in progress...




Ophyiulus pilosus

Julus scandanavius



  • Okeanobates americanus



  • bollmani
  • paludicolens

Oriulus venustus

  • canadensis
  • stolidus

General Resources:

Hennen & Brown, 2021, Millipedes of Ohio Field Guide

Shelley 1988, The millipeds of eastern Canada (can't find public access)

BMIG, Millipedes of Britain and Ireland

Chamberlin & Hoffman 1958, Checklist of the Millipeds of North America

Hoffman 1999, Checklist of the Millipeds of North and Middle America

Chicago Field Museum millipede annotated bibliography


Langor, Dewaard, & Snyder 2019, Myriapoda of Canada (no species info)

Millipede & Centipede Identification Resources, from Derek Hennen

Key to the families of the order Julida in North America, from Derek Hennen

BugGuide - Order Julida

Matthew Vosper, Key for the Identification of the Millipedes of the British Isles from Photographs

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Your first example of a potential C. punctatus should be a C.caeruleocinctus.

Brachyiulus are too similar and have an overlapping appearance. Automatic ID will not work.

C. latestriatus and truncorum are also too similar and can be divided without dissection only by counting anal valve setae.

Ophyiulus pilosus could also be Julus scandinavius.

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Thanks for the tips! All makes sense to me.

發佈由 upupa-epops 3 個月 前

As an aside I have iNaturalist set to show me Dutch common names alongside the English ones and they're pretty amusing: https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Echte_miljoenpoten
"wide squiggle", "stump squiggle", "little twostripe", "slender hookleg" if I understand them correctly.

發佈由 upupa-epops 3 個月 前

thx, that is funny! We also have German names. But they are more serious. Well, not always.


see the single species.

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