Figuring out Condylostylus in Ontario

These shiny little green flies are super common and easy to see on sunny leaves. They're a chore to identify though...

Relevant project:

Similar genera:
Key down to groups here:

C. patibulatus easily identifiable by large size, patterned wings, all black legs. Common.

caudatus group very common - small, short antennae, yellow on legs, unmarked wings
Females not identifiable to species:
Species in or near Ontario on BugGuide:

sipho group large size, patterned wings, yellow legs?,

comatus group - small?, long antennae

brimleyi, albicoxa, viridicoxa in Ohio on GBIF?,-62.45028%2039.67862,-62.45028%2050.92862,-90.60724%2050.92862,-90.60724%2039.67862))

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So basically 99+% of females with yellow on their legs should go to genus and then be marked ID is as good as it can be.
Most males won't be identifiable either just because photos don't show the legs with enough detail or at the right angle.

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