Resources for identifying dandelions to section

British Columbia paper cataloguing overlooked dandelion diversity:

Key here: /

Appressed: Laying flat against
Corniculate: Having a knob or horn (at the end of a bract)
Cyprela: Seed
Involucre: Bracts around the base of the flower
Glaucous: Pale greyish, maybe waxy or powdery coating
Hamate: Hooked at the tip
Crisped: Edge of leaf curled or ruffled
Rugose: Rough or wrinkled surface, e.g. creases from veins underneath the leaf
Oblanceolate: With a wide end of the leaf and tapering towards a thin base of the leaf (opposite of lanceolate)
Obovate: Egg-shaped, with the wide end at the end of the leaf
Capitula: Flower head
Ligule: The petal part of a ray flower's florets
Abaxial: On the underside or outside

More images of specimens examined for the paper here:

Going through the sections in the paper

More terms
arachnoid: Covered with thin soft hairs or fibres
strigillose: Covered with stiff thin bristles
sagittate: Shaped like an arrowhead
ampliate: Having a prominent outer edge
heterophyllous: Having multiple kinds of leaves
dentate: With toothlike projections

British dandelions (note that section Ruderalia is now considered section Taraxacum while what they refer to as Taraxacum is now Crocea I think)

Rest of Europe

Victoria, Australia
1985 designation of new type specimen in section Crocea then 2011 designation of new type in section Ruderalia (causing changes of definitions where those sections are respectively renamed section Taraxacum)
Section Palustria in Ontario...

Basically you need good photos of the leaves from early in the year (April/May?), side/underside of the flower, and whether or not there is pollen on the stigmas. It seems helpful to measure the dimensions of the outer bracts (length and width).

Curious to see if anyone tries this stuff out. I don't have any good observation to try out yet since they're all from regularly mown grass or from in the summer...

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Ooh, cool, thanks for sharing!

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Thank you for sharing this.

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Nice. There needs to be some kind of dandelion blitz to re-classify all of the mislabeled Taraxacum officinale.

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@murphyslab given the crazy ambiguity of the name and how badly it's been misused, I'd support merging it back into the genus (or section, although that would leave the ID mess) since it basically doesn't exist (or at least, most dandelions are at the same time both T. officinale and another species, which makes it pretty useless). That would be a pretty major taxon change though.

iNat is supposed to follow POWO, but POWO doesn't seem to be clear or consistent on whether it's doing sections=species or sections+microspecies. European taxonomists are obviously mostly doing the latter.

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@upupa-epops Oh, I'd definitely support merging back into the genus! However I think that there should be a blitz to try to apply sections to as many as possible in order to prevent coming back to the same situation as the present.

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for me ok to include T. officinale into T. section Taraxacum. But I wonder if it is possible to put a species among the synonyms of an upper taxon.

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@murphyslab Oh I see, yeah for sure. Unfortunately most observations don't show the bracts though, which means more experience is required to make judgments if they even can be made.
@blue_celery yeah that is possible.

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ok, thanks for the clarification

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