Taxa in section Euphorbia on iNaturalist. Maintained in case taxa are removed from section. To check these, I recommend taxonomic view so you can see if anyone has removed them from the section. The best way I've found to actually change them is to open each species in a new tab and manually change them (let me know if there is a better way).

Taxa not yet added to iNaturalist as follows (8 species):
Euphorbia belagaviensis
Euphorbia holmesiae
Euphorbia marsabitensis
Euphorbia mayuranathanii
Euphorbia otavibergensis
Euphorbia otavimontana
Euphorbia pseudocontorta
Euphorbia venkatarajui
Subspecies (15)
Euphorbia atrocarmesina atrocarmesina
Euphorbia confinalis rhodesica
Euphorbia cuneneana cuneneana
Euphorbia gillettii gillettii
Euphorbia heterochroma heterochroma
Euphorbia heterospina heterospina
Euphorbia otjipembana fluvialis
Euphorbia richardsiae richardsiae
Euphorbia schinzii schinzii
Euphorbia schinzii schinzioides
Euphorbia septentrionalis septentrionalis
Euphorbia seretii seretii
Euphorbia stellata micracantha
Euphorbia stellata stellata
Euphorbia subsalsa otzenii
Varieties (11)
Euphorbia ambroseae ambroseae
Euphorbia breviarticulata breviarticulata
Euphorbia candelabrum candelabrum
Euphorbia lydenburgensis lydenburgensis
Euphorbia lydenburgensis minor
Euphorbia magnicapsula magnicapsula
Euphorbia nubigena nubigena
Euphorbia nyikae nyikae
Euphorbia officinarum beaumieriana
Euphorbia perplexa perplexa
Euphorbia tenuispinosa tenuispinosa
Synonymy issues
Euphorbia micracantha
Euphorbia venefica