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I've been living in George since the end of 2020, having moved from the highveld. I grew up in Jo'burg and lived in Parys, Free State for five years (2016 to 2020). Most of the plants and trees along the Garden Route are unfamiliar and so I have a lot to learn.

I've never paid much attention to bird, plant and tree identifications although I do appreciate and enjoy all of them. As a trail runner, I'm out on the trails almost daily so I do observe nature firsthand through the seasons. I am really enjoying the diversity of fungi in the forests around George.

I discovered iNaturalist in April 2021 and have found it to be totally addictive! I have post-grad background (very many years ago!) in genetics, zoology and medical cell biology so Citizen Science speaks to me. I'm an active rePhotoSA participant.

My focus is on fungi but I'm trying to diversify as I explore and find interesting items.