Ali Casiraghi

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I have a degree in Biological Sciences (University of Milan-Bicocca) and a master in Biodiversity and biological Evolution (University of Milan). I did my master thesis on aphid-centred trophic webs in urban green areas, following the parasitoid path, to help future biological control programs in cities (University of Valencia).

I worked at the University of Barcelona in a project dedicated to agricultural intensification, insect biodiversity in Mediterranean areas, identifying cereal aphids, associated parasitoids and hyperparasitoids.

I am doing my PhD in agricoltural entomology at IVIA (Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Agrarias), Valencia, Spain, working on Conservational Biology, cover crops and trophic webs.

I am a "wannabe" aphid taxonomist (work in progress, just a pupil right now) and I believe that Aphidoidea group is one of the most interesting animal taxa.