Oliver K. Reichl 策展人

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Thank you to the iNaturalist team for all your work, and also the CWF, Parks Canada, and NatureServe Canada for funding/supporting the Canadian website. And, of course, thank you to every one of you that has visited my observations.

Hi, I'm a recreational (and once-upon-a-time professional) naturalist in Ontario, Canada. I worked, at one time or another, at Presqu'ile PP, Bon Echo PP, Charleston Lake PP, Thousand Islands NP, and Bruce/Fathom Five NP, and with Ontario Nature, OMNR, OMOE, and the Eastern Ontario Model Forest. If you think we might have worked together at some point, don't be shy - feel free to message me here. These days, as a consulting arborist and ecologist running a boutique consultancy I called Arborsphere, I'm more likely to be seen roaming the urban forests of southern Ontario, but there's also a great mix of habitat in my own backyard in the Thousand Islands that's home to hundreds of species of aquatic and terrestrial flora and fauna.

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Other ongoing contributions:
Ontario Reptile and Amphibian Conservation (Facebook page creator/admin)

For all sorts of interesting info on trees, come visit my Facebook page.

Honours Bachelor of Environmental Studies (UWaterloo)
Forestry (Fleming)
Parks & Protected Areas (Fleming)
Urban Tree Maintenance / Arboriculture (Fleming)

ASCA Registered Consulting Arborist #553
ISA Certified Arborist #ON-1178A
ISA Tree Risk Assessor Qualified
OMNR Butternut Health Assessor #039
OUFC Heritage Tree Inspector
ELC (Ontario Ecological Land Classification)
EMAN (Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Network)
OBBN (Ontario Benthos Biomonitoring Network)

I am fluent in English and German, and can also speak some French.
Ich spreche fließend Englisch und Deutsch, und kann auch etwas Französisch.
Je parle couramment anglais et allemand et je peux parler aussi un peu de français.

I can play 36 instruments - 35 of them poorly. I figure I'm on-track to being a half-decent guitar player by 2100 (https://youtu.be/mJ_vyQb--tU).