Alcides L. Morales-Pérez

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I am native to the island of Puerto Rico and live in Quebradillas, a small town at the northwest of the island. Fascinated by nature since I was a small kid, I did my bachelor degree in Agronomy with specialty in Horticulture at the University of Mayaguez, PR. I have taken courses on biodiversity monitoring from Smithsonian, did a intern at Project Puffin seabird conservation program at Maine, worked and collaborated on many projects in Puerto Rico with a wide array of taxa like birds, plants, reptiles and arthropods. I have also worked as a free lance with projects such as wetland enhancement and restoration at the Iris Alameda Wildlife Refuge at Cabo Rojo, endangered plants species assessments, neotropical migrants, resident land bird and water birds surveys. I am currently the manager of Hacienda La Esperanza Nature Reserve located in the town of Manatí, PR. Some of my current special projects can be looked at research gate for more details.

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