Arman 策展人

加入於:2019 4 月 23 最近活躍:2024 7 月 22 iNaturalist

Doing amateur myrmecology with a general biological interest. Most experienced with nearctic ants, but very much a generalist. See helpful observation fields and related resources including dichotomous keys below.


Current macro photography loadout:
Canon EOS 60D
Laowa 60mm lens
Godox 350 flash
Cygnustech Macro Diffuser
Photoshop & Lightroom

Observation Fields & Projects

Ant Morph · Gyne(s) present? · Termite Imago(s) · Undescribed Ant Name
Eusocial Constructions · Parasitic Ants · Ants of Interest

Resources (click)