Hayden LaBarr

加入於:2020 11 月 17 最近活躍:2024 7 月 13 iNaturalist

Your Friendly Neighborhood Neanderthal
Conservation Horticulturist at San Antonio Botanical Garden

I like all plants. I cultivate native plants and plants of conservation importance for biological remediation, as well as any plant that catches my eye. Especially interested in plant phylogenetics, legumes, secondary metabolites in plants, edaphic endemism, relict populations, plant myrmecophily, plant microbiota and fungal associates. I fixate on certain plant familes/traits on a semi-regular basis.

I use iNaturalist to keep track of what I've seen while afield as well as to keep track of cultivated plants both in my workplace and in private collections. A growing number of my observations are private due to their occurrence on private land that I have access to via my work. My observations that occur on land accessible to the public are obscured to avoid increased visitation to those locations. I also make identifications for plants in my regions of interest, primarily the Texas Hill Country and West Texas areas.