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I am a professor of geology at Rice University in Houston, Texas, where I teach geology and ornithology. Like many geologists, I'm a birder. I have been birding for almost all my life. I have become an avid fan of iNaturalist as it rekindled my childhood interests in insects and plants by making it easier to learn and identify. I spend most of my time documenting local biodiversity in Houston, TX. During migration season, I also record the night skies with a microphone, listening to the birds flying overhead.

I have published numerous identification articles on dowitchers, pewees, pipits, and loons. Together with my long-time friend and collaborator, Andrew Birch, we have recently embarked on a series of advanced identification field guides, published by Princeton University Press. Our first one, which will ship to the stores, will be out in April 2023 and it is focused on the field identification of Empidonax flycatchers and pewees.

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some of the publications below can be downloaded from this webpage.

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