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Hi, I am a medical professional and amateur entomologist based in Vorarlberg, Austria. I record all kind of living things but I am most interested in Coleoptera, Hemiptera and Lepidoptera.

From time to time I collect and prepare specimens. These are always provided with original date and location. If you need a specific detail for ID, just ask, I will gladly take detail photographs or attempt genital dissection.

Find my older observations on

I am thankful to everyone providing me ID's!

Advice for beginners on iNat:

  • Resist the urge to blindly click on the "Agree" button, only give ID's if you can confidently identify it yourself! By doing otherwise, many false "Research grades" are produced. When in doubt, go a few taxon levels higher.
  • Cropping and, if necessary, adjusting brigthness of your photos will increase the chance of getting a good ID.
  • Try to photograph insects from different angles, try to include a good dorsal shot of beetles and hemipterans, and with butterflies, both sides of the wings (sometimes difficult!).
  • Do not photograph your computer screens. It diminishes quality, it raises questions about the ownership of the pictures. Also place and location data is often right from the uploader's living room instead of where the observation really occurred. I often mark these observations as "place and date incorrect", which means they will be seen by few people and not reach research grade.

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Lilioceris schneideri:


Syrphid larvae:,

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