Ben P 策展人

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Idiomas/languages: português, English

I am a naturalist and conservation biologist living in Paraná, Brazil.

I like knowing that my records become part of an open-access data repository (GBIF) that helps us understand more about the other species for whom Earth is also home.

I have a pretty good knowledge of European, West African and Brazilian birds. I also enjoy learning more about all sorts of other animals, plants and other organisms. I try to be conservative about identifying organisms only to the taxonomic level I'm confident of, but I welcome corrections to any of my IDs.

Most of my recent observations are from the Atlantic Forests and other parts of Brazil, but when I can I am slowly adding older observations, including from West Africa. I tend to use iNaturalist primarily for my non-bird observations, and for observations that involve interactions between species.

Useful sites:

WikiAves (birds of Brazil)
Hawkmoths of Brazil
Butterflies of Iguaçu and SE Brazil
Jumping spiders of Misiones (PDF)
African Dragonflies and Damselflies
Plant parasites of Europe - leaf-miners, galls, fungi
Leaf-miners of Britain and Ireland
The Fly Guide
Aphid host plant lists
Barkflies of Britain and Ireland
BSBI Plant Atlas Britain & Ireland
Flora e Funga do Brasil

Projects I set up or admin:

Birds on ships
Species associated with Guadua trinii
Biodiversidade de Murici, Alagoas (Biodiversity of Murici, Alagoas)
Biodiversidade de Parque das Aves (Biodiversity of Parque das Aves)
Anfíbios do litoral norte da Bahia (Amphibians of coastal areas of northern Bahia)
Leafminers of South America
Bioblitz UFBA 2019
Bioblitz Corvallis 2018
Bioblitz Corvallis 2017

Indented tree of the species I've observed

Unknowns organised by project, for ID