Elliott Gordon 策展人

加入於:2021 4 月 30 最近活躍:2024 7 月 16 iNaturalist

I am a Civil Engineer in New Mexico (USA) and all-around nature lover. Despite my many identifications, please apply your own judgement before agreeing with my IDs. Hablo español, pero necesito traducir muchas palabras científicas.

I am working on a revision of North American beetles in the genus Ripiphorus. Please consider collecting specimens for scientific research or loaning specimens to me if you already have a collection.

September 2023, my first podcast! Episode link and PolliNation Podcast home page

I mostly identify observations in NM and surrounding states. I like to help with insect identification, especially:

For Penstemon, please visit my journals (many incomplete, sorry).

Neighborhood ambassador with Friends of Valle de Oro to promote gardening for wildlife in central NM. I use iNat to track garden visitors and inhabitants (2,000 total species and counting).

I obscure certain observations in Colorado, NM, and Texas for privacy. It's safe to assume that obscured observations in each state refer to the same location, unless they are a sensitive/protected species.

Other organizations I volunteer with are Xerces Society, UNM Museum of Southwestern Biology, NM Butterfly Monitoring Network, and as an editor on bugguide.net. I am a member of the Native Plant Society of NM, Cactus and Succulent Society of NM, American Penstemon Society, and Society of Southwestern Entomologists.

Contributor at https://pollinatorweb.com, a resource for gardeners in Arizona and NM. Sunflowers are one of our favorites. Articles and posts featuring my garden:

Instagram: @desert_pollinators
Reddit: u/Pollinator-Web
North American Bee Parasites: spreadsheet
Since I always forget where to find it: Frequently Used Responses and Year in Review