Ehoarn Bidault

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I am a botanist, photographer and conservationist at Missouri Botanical Garden, based at the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris. My main focus areas are Central Africa (Gabon, Cameroon, Republic of Congo), West Africa (Guinea, Liberia) and western Indian Ocean (Comoros, Iles Eparses). I try to stay as generalist as I can, but fate has designated Podostemaceae and Commelinaceae as the families I know best (in mainland Africa). I enjoy taking pictures of insects and spiders (because they are nice and don't move so much) and fungi (because they don't move at all).

As it is my job to collect plants, all my records are available on MBG's Tropicos database, and will not be duplicated on iNat (with a few exceptions here and there). All of it goes to GBIF anyways... I take pictures of every single collection I make.

I am also present on Researchgate: