Amanda Janusz 策展人

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Hi! My name is Amanda and I'm an undergrad at Georgia Tech. I’ve studied feather identification since the summer of 2016, with iNaturalist being integral to my learning process.

My goal is to help and encourage people to attempt identification of found feathers. If you have any feather-related questions, feel free to send me a message or @ me, and I’ll do my best to help! (FYI: I’ve caught up on notifications! But if you think you got lost in the mix or you need quick attention, please feel free to message me directly.)

I publish a blog at where I write about my experiences with naturalism with particular attention paid to birds and their feathers. I maintain an extensive list of feather resources there which can be accessed through the main menu.

I was interviewed by iNaturalist for an Identifier Profile alongside karakaxa in 2021.

In 2024, I have become particularly invested in the feral cat population on my college campus, and am working on an identification guide. I post feral cat pictures with some frequency; unless explicitly stated, every cat I upload will be feral.

Je parle un petit peu de français!