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Living in Rome but a native of the Cottian Alps in Piemonte (northwest Italy). I'm mainly interested on herps, orchids and butterflies from the Mediterranean and the European mountains to Central Asia. My works (sometimes still in progress) have been on subjects like alpine salamanders, high altitude amphibian breeding sites in the Alps or elsewhere, green toads, Sardinian brook newts or desert toads.
In the first decade of the century I was in charge of the biodiversity survey for an international project trying to set up a new national park in Morocco's Anti-Atlas. We published a book about this: “Jbel Sarhro – Maroc Projet d'établissement d'un Parc National”, where we describe the various aspects (archaeology, biodiversity, culture...) of the area; the book is bilingual (French & Italian), and the pdf can be downloaded for free from my ResearchGate account:

Please just note that chapter 2.2 (Biodiversité Naturelle/Biodiversità Naturale) is riddled with typos and errors and should be avoided. All I can say is that although I'm the first author I didn't write this chapter and I wasn't sent any draft before the book was printed :-( From 2.3 on the book is again quite good, and I hope you'll enjoy it :-)
With my friend Luca Maurino ( I've translated to Italian a film on the life of Aldo Leopold:
Last but not least I'm a wildlife tour leader for a UK based company, leading groups to countries like Morocco, Italy, Greece or Kazakhstan.

Selected papers:

Castellano S., Rosso A., Doglio S. & Giacoma C. (1999) - Body size and calling variation in the green toad (Bufo viridis) - Journal of Zoology, London. 248, 83-90

Andreone F., Miaud C., Bergò P., Doglio S., Stocco P. Ribèron A. & Gautier P. (2004) - Living at high altitude: testing the effects of life history traits upon the conservation of Salamandra lanzai. Italian Journal of Zoology, 71, Suppl. 1: 35-43

Kutrup B., Yilmaz N., Canakci S., Belduz A. O. & Doglio S. (2006) - Intraspecific variation of Bufo bufo, based on 16S Ribosomal RNA sequences - Amphibia-Reptilia, 27: 268-273

Bovero S., Sotgiu G., Angelini C., Doglio S., Gazzaniga E., Cunningham A. A. & Garner T. W. J. (2008) - Detection of Chytridiomycosis Caused by Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in the Endangered Sardinian Newt (Euproctus platycephalus) in Southern Sardinia, Italy - Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 44(3), 712-715

Delfino M., Doglio S., Rocek Z., Seglie D. & Kabiri L. (2009) - Osteological peculiarities of Bufo brongersmai and their possible relation to life in an arid environment - Zoological Studies, Taiwan, 48(1): 108-119

Pinto D., Doglio S., Lucía V., Romero T. & Rico E. (2011) - Contribuciones a la flora vascular de Marruecos 17. Macrosyringion longiflorum (Lam.) Rothm. en el norte de Marruecos - Acta Botanica Malacitana, 36: 227-230

Angelini C., Sotgiu G., Tessa G., Bielby J., Doglio S., Favelli M., Garner T. W. J., Gazzaniga E., Giacoma C. & Bovero S. (2014) - Environmentally determined juvenile growth rates dictate the degree of sexual size dimorphism in the Sardinian brook newt – Evolutionary Ecology, DOI: 10.1007/s10682-014-9717-8

Crucitti P., Bombarda F., Doglio S., Emiliani F., Tessa G. & Tringali L. (2020). Autoecology of Salamandrina perspicillata (Savi, 1821) in a lowland site of Central Italy (Caudata, Salamandridae). Annali del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale “G. Doria”, Vol. 112, 263-279

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