Michael Hesemann

加入於:2022 2 月 16 最近活躍:2023 1 月 02 iNaturalist

I run the Foraminifera.eu Lab at www.foraminifera.eu

The Foraminifera.eu Lab wants to foster the interest in foraminifera. Avocational to professional scientists shall get a free platform where they find valuable information and may show off their results.

We build a free accessible webpage on foraminifera based on a well structured image-database and easy-to-use interfaces. In the background we are open for projects of any kind and beyond the mere web-presentation. We build teams where avocational and professsional cientists work together on well defined and scheduled projects.

The Foraminifera.eu Lab is non-commercial. We as staff and our contributors do not get a financial compensation as our work is based on naturalist enthusiasm. We will use donations of money or equipment only to cover costs for material, equipment and services bought from third parties.