Gene Yetter

加入於:2021 11 月 14 最近活躍:2024 7 月 17 iNaturalist

My interest in mycology began in 1980 when I first joined the New York Mycological Society. The group was taking part with other clubs of the Northeast in an annual event, today known as the "North Eastern Mycological Federation Sam Ristich Foray". The event took place that year at Bennington College in Vermont. I volunteered to organize the fieldtrips. The weekend went well, and I became a regular in the national community of amateur clubs. I eventually served as editor of the Society newsletter. Becoming a full-time retiree around 1999, I volunteered as a herbarium assistant at the New York Botanical Garden, and eventually became a fulltime employee cataloging and photographing mycology specimens. Of the projects I worked on, the biggest was cataloging the lifetime collection of marine specimens donated to the Garden by German mycologist Jan Kohlmeyer when he retired. That kept me busy for more than a year. Around 2014 I took a sabbatical from mycology to devote my time to the car hobby, restoring my father's 1977 Plymouth, and selling it in 2019. Recently I became active again with the New York Mycological Society.