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Tag me or send me pics of your unknown/mystery submerged aquatic plants! I get a special thrill from IDing underwater flora locally or from all over the world. I might not know all possible aquatic plants in the universe, but I’ll guarantee we can refine that ID to a more specific taxon!

I have a special interest in US native wetland and aquatic plants, their adaptation and heterophylly in wet environments, their cultivation, and (most importantly), their conservation. I am happy to recommend native alternatives for your water gardening, landscaping, and aquarium projects!

Cardamine, Ranunculus, Elatine, Fontinalis, and Riccardia are probably my favorite genera. I’m pretty good with Alismataceæ, Amblystegiaceæ, Brachytheciaceæ, Fissidentaceæ, Ludwigias, Linderniaceæ, Persicarias, as well as aquatics in Acanthaceæ, Apiaceæ, Asteraceæ, Brassicaceæ, Haloragaceæ, Hypnaceæ, Lythraceæ, Mniaceæ, Plantaginaceæ, Primulaceæ, and Rubiaceæ (among others) so ask me questions about them and I’ll be happy to help out.

B.S. in neuroscience, but Mother Nature has been my longest and most beloved educator!

IG: https://www.instagram.com/jacomaner_corlaevs/

Projects I administer:
• Aquatic and Wetland Plants of Arkansas [https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/aquatic-and-wetland-plants-of-arkansas]
• Arkansas Mosses, Liverworts, and Hornworts [https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/arkansas-mosses-liverworts-and-hornworts]