Jimmy K

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Mostly interested in Angiosperms, invertebrates and fungi. Please do correct me if I am wrong please, unless I've studied a species or genus extensively I get things wrong a lot. I'm no expert so do not take my ID's too seriously. I use Inat to document things that I find here in central California, usually taking weekend trips to see the amazing natives we have in the US.
One of my favorite features of this platform is the ability to teach you about new species you've never heard of, or seeing a picture of something barely seen. My favorite's list full of stuff I swoon over, wishing I had the cash to go to these remote places in the hopes of documenting something endangered. Particular favorites include island specific populations and weird taxonomic offshoots and simply the beauty of nature.
A note about my location data, I obscure many of my observations not to disincentive people seeing a certain species but to preserve it.
Orobanche lover ❤️