Julien Piolain 策展人

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French generalist naturalist based in French Guiana | 24 years old | He/him | 🌈

After a master's degree in field ecology in Montpellier University (french mediterranean coast) and a first job for a bird conservation association (GEPOG) in French Guiana, I now work for an environmental consulting firm in French Guiana. My current work mainly involves assessing the impacts on biodiversity prior to the implementation of various development projects, in order to avoid, reduce or compensate them.

Expertise on:

  • Birds and butterflies in French Guiana;
  • Birds, Lepidoptera, Odonata and Orthoptera in France (regressing due to a lack of practice 😅);

But also knowledges on reptiles and amphibians, non-flying mammals and other taxa in entomology in both areas, with a growing interest for botany during the past few years.

I'm always happy to discuss any topic with other naturalists, so don't hesitate to contact me if you have any question! 😁

==================== [Naturalist data summary below - last update: dec. 2023] ====================

I only use iNaturalist to store my naturalist pictures, to get some advice and feedback on observations I'm not confident about, and when a database that offers the possibility to share naturalist data without picture doesn't exist in the place I am for a given taxa.

As a consequence most of my naturalist data are on other databases, mainly:

As a result, over time it has become almost impossible for me to know precisely how many species I have observed in the world to date. My last estimate (august 2023) indicates a conservative "score" of 6.750 species.

With all databases pulled together, I had produced ~145.000 naturalist data at the end of 2023.

All the details here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1oUPcvJQ6sG4fyT1OJUWGkI6WTFYDdwXn?usp=sharing

Current goal: 10.000 species before I turned 30... and 1 million naturalist data before I die! 🤞