Karsten Mody

加入於:2021 10 月 01 最近活躍:2024 7 月 20 iNaturalist

I am an ecologist and naturalist interested in all species of animals, plants and fungi (i.e. biodiversity) and their interactions with the biotic and abiotic environment. I observe and study biodiversity in natural (tropical forests and savannas, temperate forests and grasslands, ...) and human-used habitats (orchards, vineyards, meadows, inner-city green spaces, ...). I joined iNaturalist in October 2021 and will share step by step current and past observations of interesting species on iNaturalist. The observations will be a combination of "serious photos" and those taken mainly for documentation purposes by phone. I am very much looking forward to sharing and discussing observations of the living world with the iNaturalist community.


If you are interested in the interactions between potted wild plants and wildlife, you can check out the following project or - even better :-) - participate in it:

If you are interested in potted plants that have a particularly high potential for supporting wildlife in urban areas, you can visit the following project - and of course, you are very welcome to participate: