Kanahau Wildlife Conservation NGO, www.kanahau.org

加入於:2013 10 月 24 最近活躍:2022 9 月 03

Kanahau Wildlife Conservation is a newly registered NGO based in Honduras; a non-profit network of environmentalists focused on biodiversity research and conservation . We are the official parent organization of the Kanahau Utila Research and Conservation Facility (KURCF), which has been established on Utila Island since 2012.

We primarily study the terrestrial and marine biodiversity of the Bay Islands to catalogue species occurrence, assess population status and promote the conservation of threatened species and ecosystems. In addition, we collaborate with local partners to develop species action plans and lead environmental education outreach programs.

We welcome interns and researchers from all scientific disciplines and fields to join us. We offer student thesis placements and group study abroad programs.

Visiting Utila for a short trip, why not schedule an ecotour or visit the Kanahau Natural History Museum

Please find more information at www.kanahau.org
Contact us via email, Tom Brown (tom@kanahau.org)