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☀️ Northeast Florida-based.

➡️ Interesting or Funny Stuff (I’ve observed):

Great White Heron in breeding plumage (a globally endangered bird) —Photos, iNat.

Female Barred Owl solicitation call (with thanks to B. Farrell) —Audio, iNat (3 seconds).

Atlantic Boat-tailed Grackle keg stand —Photos, iNat.

➡️ My Philosophies:
All observations have value.
All people have value.
(unless you’re a poacher or evil — your observations suck)

A surgeon might have a horrible bedside manor, but be excellent at saving lives. We all have different skill sets, strengths and interests. People who are smart in some arenas are dumb in others — and vice versa. So let’s all try to have patience, humility, understanding and forgiveness with each other. If someone in the iNat community has offended you (including myself), try not to take it personally; it’s not a reflection on you. And above all, try to let it go — even if they were clearly in the wrong. That doesn’t mean what they said or did was ok (and it doesn’t mean that you have to keep engaging with them), but if you hang on to that emotion, you are only hurting yourself. Releasing is easier said than done, but best wishes to you all!

➡️ The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission:

Interested in conservation? Do your part! The data generated in the projects below is used by FWC biologists to better understand the distribution of plants and animals in Florida.


FIRST you join a traditional project — on the web, log in and look for the “Join this project” button in the top right corner of the project page (project page links below). THEN you manually add each observation that qualifies for the project to the project — either when uploading each new observation, or after the observation has been shared to iNaturalist:

Mammals of Florida:

Herps of Florida:
(herptiles = reptiles and amphibians):

Spiders of Florida:

Backyards of Florida Original:
(you might want to obscure the location of these observations):

Mollusks of Florida:

Diamondback Terrapins of Florida:


FWC’s COLLECTION projects (observations are automatically added):
To join, log in and look for the “Join this project” button in the top right corner of the project page (project page links below):

Birds of Florida:

Wildflowers of Florida:

Pollinators of Florida:

Carnivorous Plants of Florida:

Insects of Florida:

Milkweeds of Florida:

Bats of the Florida Keys:


FWC’s Wildlife Management Areas — some WMA projects are Traditional, others are Collection:

You may locate more WMA projects run by the FWC via the iNat project search link below —> Look for FWC’s official logo, to verify that the results below are projects run by the FWC. Also, if the project name contains “Bioblitz”, then that particular project is only for organisms observed within the specified date range (which can be seen in the project banner, after clicking).✓&q=Florida+WMA


Thanks for reading and happy birding 🌴🦩