Maddie Severance NH NHB

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I work for the New Hampshire Natural Heritage Bureau (NHB) which is part of the Division of Forests and Lands in the NH Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. NHB provides information on New Hampshire’s native plants and natural communities to landowners, land managers, State and Federal agencies, and non-profit organizations. We serve as a resource to help protect the State's biodiversity while meeting land-use needs. The ecologists and botanists in NHB collect and analyze data on the status, location, and distribution of native plant species and natural communities in NH. We also work with organizations like the Native Plant Trust (NPT), whose scientists and Plant Conservation Volunteers monitor many rare plant populations throughout the state. NHB and NPT conduct surveys on public lands, and only conduct surveys on private lands when we have been granted explicit landowner permission. Using this data, we develop and implement measures for the protection, conservation, enhancement, and management of native New Hampshire plants.