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I'm Mathijs, a 18-year-old mollusc enthusiast living in the Netherlands. For the past four years, I've been out in the field, discovering and learning about these amazing creatures. My passion has taken me to explore the marine and terrestrial mollusc fauna in the Netherlands, Curacao, France, and the Iberian Peninsula. I acknowledge that my knowledge is somewhat limited in species without shells, such as slugs, nudibranchs, and cephalopods.

I've got an ever-growing collection with over 800 different mollusc species and 10.000 shells. Since 2024 I have been a member of the NMV (Dutch Malacological Society).

I am Mostly self-taught, getting my knowledge from an broad array of books, websites, and personal experiences. Feel free to reach out – I'm here to both help and continue learning!