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I am a passionate landcarer and for the last 35 years the 400ha patch of endangered Yellow Box - Blakley's Red Gum woodland on Red Hill, in the heart of Canberra, has been the centre of my universe. This passion led me to a career as a government ecologist within Commonwealth, NSW and ACT agencies. Lucky me, I am now retired and spend a lot of time on citizen science projects. Currently, Red Hill can claim to being the Gang-gang capital of the world as more breeding sites are known from here (about a third of all nationally recorded nest hollows) than anywhere else. But this is almost certainly because our landcare group has done a lot of study into this magnificent Cockatoo. Through the Gang-gang nest (tree hollow) search project https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/gang-gang-nests-tree-hollows-search
it would be great if others could contribute information on its nesting success elsewhere. It has suffered dramatic decline and we need to find and protect its nesting habitat. You can also help to understand more about its diet through contributing feeding images to the Hungry Parrots project https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/hungry-parrots-project

Other citizen science research projects I am involved in or completed include studies on fire and orchids, the ecology of the rare Small-ant Blue Butterfly, hollow competition impacts on the Superb Parrot, breeding ecology and movement of the Little Eagle and the Canberra Nature Map and other Naturemapr projects.

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