North Carolina Natural Heritage Program

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The North Carolina Natural Heritage Program is part of the Division of Land and Water Stewardship within the N.C. Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. The program serves as an information clearinghouse in support of conservation of the rarest and most outstanding elements of natural diversity in the state. These elements of natural diversity include plants and animals which are so rare or the natural communities which are so significant that they merit special consideration as land-use decisions are made.

The Natural Heritage Program follows methodology developed by The Nature Conservancy and shared by the Natural Heritage Network and NatureServe.
By consolidating information about hundreds of rare species and natural communities, the program ensures that the public is able to get the information that is needed to weigh the ecological significance of various sites, and to evaluate ecological impacts.
This information helps project planners and landowners make land use decisions that have the most benefit for society and the economy, while having the least ecological impact.
This information facilitates the establishment of priorities for the protection of North Carolina's most significant natural areas.