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Loving all the animals everyone loves to hate. Favorite mammalian orders are chiroptera, carnivora, and rodentia. Coleoptera is my favorite beetle order and Dermestes maculatus is my favorite beetle (see tattoo on arm). Snakes are life. I love fungi but do not know much about them.

I have had relatively extensive field work experience working with bats in Mexico and Costa Rica and working with rodents (specifically Peromyscus, with some Neotoma and Dipodomys) in Santa Cruz and Fort Ord California.

I've always had a strong love for animals and enjoy putting my identification skills to use!

If I'm not drooling over the cutest new snake I've found, you can find me playing in my band, drinking tea, reading comics, baking, climbing, snowboarding, or making patches for the art company I run with my best friend - Skin Snax.