Eric Duran

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My name is Eric Duran, and I've been a naturalist at the Nature Discovery Center in Houston since 2004. I've worked in wildlife science and environmental education since I was a senior in High School (1993). My field experience includes bird surveys, small mammal surveys, deer counts, amphibian call counts, reptile and amphibian surveys, insect surveys, sea turtle nest monitoring, Piping Plover monitoring, shark surveys in Florida Bay, King Eider surveying on the Arctic tundra of Alaska, Bluebird and Prothonotary Warbler nestbox surveys. I've worked as a guide and naturalist here in Texas, Corkscrew swamp in Florida, and at Sacha Lodge in the rainforest of Eastern Ecuador.

My interests and outdoor activities include ornithology and birdwatching, herpetology, snakes, frogs, salamanders, entomology and butterfly watching, moths and beetles, spiders, malacology and seashell ID, paleontology, cephalopods, mycology and mushroom ID, wildlfower ID, and native plant gardening for wildlife.

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