Dr Pamela Muggeridge

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I had to 'retire' 30 years ago due to health but I love to record the animals, plants and fungi in my small garden in Smiths Lake - many of my photos are from there (all those simply recorded as from Smiths Lake). The garden biodiversity is helped by a small crown reserve beyond the back fence and a narrow corridor to the forest around the Lake, but I have noticed a decline in recent years, particularly after the drought in 2019-2020. I only had an old digital camera, now have a DSLR but need to buy lenses. Many of the photos of birds, etc. are taken through a glass window.
I acknowledge that the land that I live on is part of the traditional lands of the Worimi Nation and will do the best that I can to care for it.
I was trained at Uni as a Zoologist but have since followed 'the path less travelled'. I initiated and co-ordinated the Hallidays Point Landcare Rainforest Regeneration Project from 1994-2000, growing about 12,000 rainforest seedlings in my garden in the process.
I am also going down to the lakeside and nearby forest areas and recording anything interesting there.
As a result of the Backyards for Biodiversity project here I am starting over recording whatever I can still find in my garden to see how it has changed after 3 neighbouring blocks cleared and the 2019-20 drought. The larger moths and some of the more interesting insects seem to have disappeared, along with one of the semi-slugs and some frogs. A lovely surprise was a Tusked Frog that put in an appearance and also a Dainty Tree Frog.
Thankyou so much to all of you who have helped me to ID my collection of photos.
It is my wish that all my iNaturalist records remain on the iNaturalist website after my death.