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I am a lover of learning - particularly about the world we live in. My career revolves around hiking and spending time outside. Every organism is divine, and I find great joy in taking photos of life as they express themselves on their own time.

I had some free time recently, so I went back through my travel photos and uploaded anything I could remember the date and relative location for. These photos primarily come from:

Life in Montana 2013-14
Appalachian trail thru-hike 2015
Ecuador highlands / Galapagos 2016
White Mountain National Forest 2017-18 / 2020-21
Costa Rica, El Sendero Pacifico 2018-19

I am currently living and working out of Cullowhee, NC near the Smokies, although I spend significant time in Walling, TN and Madison, ME as well.

Please reach out and connect! I love making new friends and supporting scientific research through community endeavors.