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California boy, part-time wildlife scientist, camera trapper and botany geek that has the great pleasure to work on a variety of projects across CA on both public and private lands, and with an amazing set of scientists and nature lovers. My main base is in the Santa Cruz Mountains on the SF Peninsula where I have been conducting and helping on plant surveys, regional floristics, restoration projects and wildlife studies for over 15 years.

Current and recent projects:

Recent publications:

Noteworthy Collections: Sidalcea hickmanii E. Greene subsp. hickmanii (Malvaceae).
San Mateo Co., Santa Cruz Mtns., Butano Ridge
Ken Hickman (2024)
Madroño Vol. 70 : No. 3, pp. 123-125.

Camera traps provide insights into American pika site occupancy, behavior, thermal relations, and associated wildlife diversity
Constance I. Millar and Kenneth T. Hickman (2021)
Western North American Naturalist: Vol. 81 : No. 2, Article 1.

Camera trap photographs from American pika haypiles in California
Kenneth T. Hickman and Constance I. Millar, (2020)
Forest Service Research Data Archive, Fort Collins, CO

New records for Douglas's squirrel (Tamiasciurus douglasii) in two mountain ranges of the Great Basin
Constance I. Miller and Kenneth T. Hickman (2019)
Western North American Naturalist: Vol. 79 : No. 1 , Article 10.

Noteworthy Collections: Sanicula saxatilis E. Greene (Apiaceae).
Santa Clara Co., Santa Cruz Mts., Mt. Umunhum
Ken Hickman and John Rawlings (2018)
Madroño Vol. 65 : No. 3, pp. 103–104.

Plant Survey of Mount Umunhum and Sierra Azul Ridge, MROSD

Plant Survey of Scarper Ridge, POST

Plant Survey of Caltrans Hwy92 Fountain Thistle Seep

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