Roger Latham

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I’ve worked as a research ecologist, conservation biologist, and stewardship planner since the year the U.S. Endangered Species Act was passed (1973). After earning a Ph.D. in biology at the University of Pennsylvania, I was Pennsylvania Director of Science and Stewardship for The Nature Conservancy, post-doctoral researcher in biogeochemistry and fire ecology in U. Penn’s Department of Geology, and ecology professor at Swarthmore College. Since 2000 I’ve been a full-time consultant, conducting applied research and planning for government agencies and nonprofits involved in wildlands stewardship, ecological restoration, and endangered species recovery. Much of my research has been on temperate forest ecology and global biogeography. Since 1982 I've had a passion for helping to solve the ecological mysteries of the mid-Atlantic states’ unique “barrens” and grassland ecosystems and working for their protection and stewardship.