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My only real interest in nature has always been butterflies, ever since I was at a very early larval stage in England. I started a collection of Canadian butterflies in 1967 and still occasionally add a specimen to it. I retired in 1996 and did various butterfly-related things, including becoming an author of Butterflies of Canada, curating the butterflies in the Canadian National Collection, and documenting all Canadian specimens in almost all of the major museum and University collections across Canada, the basis of the present-day CBIF records. For the last 10 plus years I have been working with people in the Toronto Entomologists' Association, compiling Ontario butterfly records from a wide variety of sources, for use in their Season Summaries and on their online Maps. One of the most important of these sources is iNaturalist, and except for those whose locations are private, and those whose observers are effectively anonymous, most iNat records will finish up on the Maps.
I have made two major trips, where I caught butterflies: to Panama, in 1980 and to Ghana in 1987. Many of these records have been submitted to iNaturalist.
Perhaps I need to add: my real name is Ross Layberry.