Rupert Clayton 策展人

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I'm an amateur naturalist living in the San Francisco Bay Area, where we're fortunate to have temperate weather, great natural landscapes and fantastic biodiversity. Most of what I post here are smartphone pics of stuff that interested me on a local hike. Sadly, the photo quality tends to vary from poor to acceptable.

For some reason, I also developed an interest in helping other iNat users identify monocot plants. If you saw a "cluster lily" in the subfamily Brodiaeoideae (formerly Themidaceae), feel free to tag me to help with an ID. I also have built up just enough knowledge to be dangerous in identifying other plants in Asparagales, including the tribe Tigridieae and some genera in Agavoideae, such as Echeandia and Polianthes.

I'm a member of the California Native Plant Society, who kindly asked me to present a webinar on how to ID Brodiaeoideae that some may find useful.

Like every identifier on iNat I make mistakes, so please do feel free to ask me why I chose a particular ID!

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