Sandrine Gallois

加入於:2022 11 月 21 最近活躍:2024 1 月 14 iNaturalist

Ethnoecologist, ethnobotanist, I am above all passionate, since an early age, by the relation between human societies and the environment - and especially the vegetal world.
After graduating in Ecology, specialized in Botany in Toulouse III University, I got a Master at the MNHN - French Museum of National History- in Ecoanthropology what then led me to a PhD in Ethnoecology and Environmental Sciences and Technology, focusing especially on children's relation with nature (MNHN and ICTA, Autonomous University of Barcelona).
I have been working during several years with the Baka, indigenous society from southeastern Cameroon, with whom I have explored their ecological and botanical knowledge and practices.
Since 2021 I am working on a research project aiming to understand the resilience of the health care system of the Baka in ICTA - Institut of Environmental Sciences and Technologies (Autonomous University of Barcelona).