加入於:2016 9 月 14 最近活躍:2024 5 月 26 NaturaLista Colombia

Shiala joined the Pollinator Ecology and Conservation Lab at UF in September 2019 to help with projects studying blueberry pollination and the effects of fire on floral resources and plant-pollinator interactions. She also helps with logistics to ensure successful field seasons. Her past experiences include evaluating how wildflowers support pollinator communities at the University of Florida, Michigan State University, the University of Central Florida, and the University of Minnesota. Outside of the lab, she enjoys biking, gardening, and looking at mushrooms.

She has a detection dog named Lulo who specializes in finding rare and endangered mints. They are normally around Florida looking for them and she may reach out on how to access possible locations.

She is available to identify predatory wasps native to the USA on a limited basis. Contracts with less than 200 specimens can be done directly with her. Anything bigger or with a larger scope (bees and butterflies/ collecting/ curating/ databasing) needs to go through UF. She doesn't do parasitoid wasps, beetles, flies, or subsets. She has been identifying predatory wasps for 10+ years.